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Discover the fun in Fremantle

Fremantle, just 30 minutes from Perth City, offers a variety of activities. Known for its vibrancy, culture, and history, Fremantle is often referred to as Perth's Old Town. The streets are alive with buskers, art, and music from trendy cafes and bars. Accommodation options in Fremantle range from backpackers to luxurious hotels, making it a great place to spend a night or two.

Food, fun, and sights to see

Fremantle is a vibrant area with various pubs, small bars, restaurants, and cafes that attract visitors worldwide. Visitors can explore the 'Cappuccino Strip', Wray Avenue, and South Terrace for an array of lively restaurants and stylish microbreweries offering delicious amber ales.

Fremantle's dining scene reflects its multicultural mix, with various cuisines such as Italian, Asian, Indian, and seafood restaurants available throughout the city. The Fishing Boat Harbour is a popular spot to sample seafood from the Indian Ocean.

Fremantle offers a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous clubs, pubs, and bars featuring live music until late. After a night out, coffee shops are open for a morning pick-me-up.

Enjoy art and shopping

Fremantle offers a variety of arts and cultural experiences, including gallery displays and street art. Notre Dame University Australia has invested in restoring old buildings, bringing new life to the West End. Shopping is also available seven days a week in Fremantle's unique shopping precincts.

Fremantle is famous for its unique Australian fashions and independent designs. Around 50 boutiques on the Market and High Streets offer a range of styles from young designers. The weekend markets are a must-visit for fresh produce and a lively atmosphere with buskers and stalls. Simply wandering through the markets can provide a relaxing break from everyday stress.

Historic Fremantle

Fremantle in Western Australia provides a glimpse into the region's pioneering history. The Round House Precinct includes the 12-sided Round House Prison, built in 1831, showcasing the state's convict heritage. Adjacent to the prison is the "Whalers" tunnel, providing historical passage from Bathers Beach to the town. Fremantle Prison, built by convicts in the 1850s, is a popular heritage attraction offering engaging tours for visitors to explore its history.

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Fremantle has a rich maritime history that is showcased in its museums. The Western Australian Maritime Museum features exhibits on the state's maritime past, including the famous Australia II yacht. The Western Australian Shipwreck Museum displays artifacts from the Dutch Batavia shipwreck. Visitors can also experience life on a historic sailing ship with Leeuwin Ocean Adventure.

The Fremantle Arts Centre, located in a convict-built neo-Gothic building from 1860, provides gallery spaces, a cafe, and a gift shop within a historic site with a past as a lunatic asylum and shelter for homeless women. Guided tours are available to explore Fremantle's heritage buildings and streets in an immersive manner.

Fremantle in Western Australia offers a unique opportunity to explore the region's rich, pioneering history. Visitors can discover stories of convicts, maritime heroes, mutineers, and settlers in a well-preserved 19th-century port streetscape. With an extensive collection of heritage-listed buildings, Fremantle showcases a depth of character that sets it apart from other destinations.

Variety of public and street art

The people of Fremantle are known for their creativity and passion for music, art, and personal expression. Visitors can see the statue of CY O'Connor at the entrance to Victoria Quay, bronze fishermen at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, and the memorial statue of Bon Scott, lead singer of AC/DC, who was a famous figure in Fremantle.

Some cities have differing attitudes towards street art. This city acknowledges the positive impact of street art on the town's aesthetics and atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy photos with various murals, such as the giant numbat or the East-West mural in South Fremantle.

Activities outside the city center

The area surrounding Fremantle offers beautiful beaches, scenic walking and cycling trails along the coast and river, and various dining options. South Fremantle features calm beaches and restaurants, East Fremantle offers river walks, parks, and dining options, while Leighton Beach and Port Beach are known for their white sand and beachside cafes. North Fremantle is a cafe, restaurant, and live music bar hub.