Grampians National Park, or as it's traditionally known, Gariwerd, is a real gem in the heart of the Aussie bushes. Park Victoria is all about honouring the deep roots and ongoing connection the Traditional Owners have with this land, and they play a crucial role in looking after this stunning slice of the country.


When you're in the Grampians, you're in for a treat with its top-notch hiking trails. You'll stumble upon some ripper waterfalls, vibrant wildflowers in spring, and views of the mountains. Keep your eyes peeled for the locals - kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and heaps of birds.

The Grampians National Park stands out in Australia with its rich Aboriginal heritage, unique wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. The best way to soak it all in is by hitting the trails on foot or cruising on a scenic drive Grampians Tour.

Gariwerd is chockers with ancient Aboriginal rock art and shelters - it's got the most in southern Australia. Swing by Brambuk - The National Park & Cultural Centre to get the lowdown on these incredible rock shelters before you head out.

Grampians Tour

Hikers from all over the globe flock to the Grampians. Whether you're up for scaling the highest peak, Mount William, or wandering around Halls Gap and the Wonderland Range, there's something for everyone.

The Pinnacle offers some beautiful views, but it's a bit of a tough climb, so it's best for those who are fit as a fiddle. The overnight treks like the Grampians Peaks Trail, Major Mitchell Plateau, or The Fortress and Mt Thackeray Overnight Hike are real adventures for seasoned hikers.

It's not all about working up a sweat. You can kick back and relax by fishing, canoeing, or kayaking at Lake Wartook, Lake Bellfield, Moora Moora Reservoir, or any of the park's other waterways.